Back-Office Accounting Services

Our back-office accounting service fees are based upon the volume of transactions involved with your accounting needs as we determine by meeting with you prior to any contract. Fees are not based on budget or asset size. We estimate fees by coming to meet you and doing a physical audit of your books and records. We then calculate and estimate our time involvement. This fee structure remains fixed over a 12-month period including the budgeting and audit/tax processes. Our rates and fees are very competitive and we do not charge for extra activity unless it is beyond the contract scope and mutually agreed upon.

FASS offers a lower-cost “bookkeeping” model for smaller nonprofit clients that do not have funder and government billing requirements.

Consulting Services

Our financial consulting service fees are based by project or defined amount of service hours. We estimate consulting fees by meeting with you (phone or in-person consult) and determining the specific deliverable of the project and the amount of time it will take to deliver them. Once the deliverable are defined, a separate contract is drafted and terms are then agreed upon.

For further information, contact us at ContactUs@fassaccountants.com.