About Us

Providing nonprofit accounting services with a team of nonprofit specialized accountants in San Jose and the San Francisco Bay Area, FASS began its services in 2004 under The Health Trust, an Operating Foundation in San Jose and the San Francisco Bay Area with the vision of a healthier Silicon Valley for everyone. The Health Trust conducts nonprofit direct services, grant making and policy advocacy under three initiatives: Healthy Eating, Healthy Aging and Healthy Living.

FASS nonprofit accounting was offered as a direct service of The Health Trust due to the need in the community for nonprofit accounting support. Due to the success of and the need for an independent FASS, in July 2012 FASS separated and became a wholly owned Subsidiary Corporation of the Health Trust providing nonprofit accounting based in San Jose and the San Francisco Bay Area.

FASS employees know nonprofit accounting inside and out because we exclusively focus on nonprofits, are closely aligned with The Health Trust, and provide accounting services for The Health Trust. FASS currently has over 30 employees and several on our accounting team hold active Certified Public Accountant licenses.

FASS provides “back-office” accounting services for nonprofits with annual budgets ranging from $100k to $22M. We specialize in being flexible in designing platforms that best fit the current and future needs of each of our clients. Each client structure is customized for its specific business model.

The FASS Difference

What makes FASS different than other service providers? It’s really simple and unique.

  1. FASS is run by the parent Corporation, a nonprofit, The Health Trust. Not just a socially responsible Corporation but a Corporation that is a public Charity that provides the “same-like” services as your nonprofit. No other accounting service provider, runs nonprofit direct services, is a grantmaker and does policy advocacy. Please see: www.healthtrust.org
  2. FASS back-office accounting services operates under fixed fee contracts. One monthly charge is all you ever pay for each month. There is no starting point where everything beyond “basic-services” is charged at a rate per hour. You know your costs and do not have to worry about paying for questions being asked.
  3. FASS’s consulting services are project or time based and have a separate contract agreement outside of the monthly administration fee. This shared service model enables nonprofits to have “CFO Like” services in the amount and scale that each client needs and can afford.
  4. FASS does not advertise for new business. The entire budget spent on advertising for clients for FASS since its inception is $-0-. FASS grows its client base in small increments each year, not through acquisitions, but through word of mouth connections in the community. Other accounting providers spend lots of money advertising for new business because their model is to make profits for their owners. The FASS Board of Directors is overseen by The Health Trust Board of Nonprofit Trustees with a mission to help strengthen the nonprofit sector. Any FASS profits are passed back to The Health Trust parent organization so that it can offer more direct services in the community.
  5. FASS people and its services are just better. Just ask our clients as we have many who have come from other providers. We are better because we understand the nonprofit world our clients live in because we are living in the same environment. So how’s that for differences!

Our Mission

The FASS mission is to enable nonprofit organizations to focus on their missions by relieving them of the day-to-day anxieties of accounting and finance and helping them become more financially efficient.

Financial Administrative Services We Provide

  1. Government (federal, state, county, city) contract compliance billing and reporting
  2. Budget management and variance analysis
  3. Executive Director financial training
  4. Financial statement reporting in accordance with FASB and GAAP standards
  5. Restrictive and endowment gift fund accounting, tracking and reporting
  6. UPMIFA investment accounting
  7. Complete separation of duties and internal control compliance
  8. Board of Trustee and Finance Committee training as agreed upon
  9. Schedule preparation, support and interface with Auditors and Tax Preparers
  10. Coordinated courier services as needed

For a detailed list of services click here

Financial Consulting Services We Provide

  1. Prepare Budgets, Assist with Assumptions
  2. Forecasting – Short and Long Term
  3. Cash Flow Analysis and Forecasting
  4. Financial Performance Review and Recommendations
  5. Actual vs. Budget Variance Analysis
  6. Analyze and Present Monthly or Quarterly Financial Statements
  7. Prepare/present Financial Narrative for Finance Committee or Board of Directors
  8. Feasibility Studies for adding/cutting/expanding programs
  9. Review/Revise/Develop Accounting Policies and Procedures
  10. Implement Technology Solutions for A/P processing, Credit Card Expense Management, Employee Expense Reimbursement Management and other financial processes.
  11. Evaluate Lease vs. Buy
  12. Evaluate Debt Refinance Options

For a detailed list of Financial Consulting services click here

FASS Staff
Our staff consists of more than 30 nonprofit specialized accounting and finance professionals including Certified Public Accountants (CPA).  As we add new nonprofits to our client base, our core staff train and educate new FASS team members to ensure they meet the high standards of our organization.

About the Health Trust
The Health Trust is a nonprofit foundation that provides grants, services and advocacy to support its vision of Silicon Valley as the healthiest region in America through its three initiatives – Healthy Living, Healthy Aging, and Healthy Communities.

The Health Trust was formed in 1996 from the purchase of a non-profit hospital system by a for-profit hospital system. The residual assets from that sale formed The Health Trust. The Health Trust has an annual budget of more than $22 million and an investment portfolio of about $100 million with an overall staff of more than 130 employees. For more information, visit www.healthtrust.org.